JKS mid build

I’m just over 1/2 done building a JKS for James and it’s coming out very well. Some bikes are work and others just seem to fall together  and this one falls into the latter category. I should have it all done late tomorrow and then it’s off to JB.

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2 responses to “JKS mid build”

  1. Eric says:

    Lovely bike, of course. Question: do you ever do a JKS with side-tack seatstays

    ( . . . the seatstay attachment near the seat on this bike, and I believe on all the JKSs I’ve seen, have been as shown in the photo — I think that is called a “fastback” style, not sure if I have the term right).

  2. kirks says:

    The JK Special does indeed come with a fastback stay arrangement. I use the fast back as it’s the lightest and most aero way to attach the stays. On the JK Cross, where tire and mud room is important, I use sidetacks.

    Thanks for asking.


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