Good morning from Austin Texas.

It’s early on day two of the show and I’m sitting in the hotel room looking out over Austin with a sleepy cup of coffee in my hand. Yesterday went very well with lots of folks coming through the gates and everything working like it should. I was able to get around the show floor quickly yesterday morning and look at all the work and I must say I’m pleased – the level of craftsmanship and professionalism has gotten better every year but the jump this year is notable.

Last night after the show Karin and I went to dinner with old friends and than made our way to Mellow Jonny’s bike shop for a party they had going on there…….. cool shop with live music and free beer brought everyone out. It was interesting to see the cycling ‘celebrities’ the most notable being Mr. Andy Hampsten. Very cool. There were some odd things going on that reflect just how big NAHBS has become in our little world. The fact that Gary Fisher (in a dashing purple leather suit) was in attendance at the party (but not in any way showing at the show) speaks volumes. the fact that Trek can’t show at the show but would fly in Fisher just to hang out at the ‘after party’ means that ‘our’ lil’ show is on their radar.

Today – Saturday – is the big day here and will be the busiest by far. I feel lucky that our booth is in a section of the show floor with good flow around it so people should be able to get by and into the booth. Some isles are narrow and clog very quickly giving the feeling of being busy but really just being stuck in traffic.

I’d hoped to get a few photos of the booth but just didn’t have time and hope we can make that happen today. We’ll do our best.

I’ll try to update stuff later tonight after the Serotta Forum dinner.

Time for more coffee.


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3 Responses to “NAHBS day II.”

  1. parris says:

    Hey Dave thanks for the updates.

  2. Louis says:

    Hi Dave,

    I hope you and Karin made it back home safe and sound (and presumably tired). I wish I had been able to attend – maybe in Sacramento…

    Care to share your thoughts on any of the stuff you saw that caught your eye?


  3. kirks says:

    Hey Louis,

    There were many things that I loved looking at. I like the Pegorettis and the Crumptons as well as some of the cool townie bikes. I don’t think Id’ ever own one but they are fun to look at.


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