It Ain’t Over Yet.

It has been crazy warm and dry this winter and I’ve been out on my road bike a number of days a week all winter and even took out the new fillet cross show bike out for a break-in ride the other day. Yesterday it was 57° and I went out for a very nice road ride with little wind (unusual for Montana) and enough sun to make shadows. As I finished the ride it started getting windy and the temp started dropping. By the time we went to bed last night it was snowing. This morning we awoke to 10″ of heavy wet snow………..and as of 11:00am it’s still snowing with gusto.

No road ride today I guess but the 60 minutes of hard shoveling will be more than enough workout for the day. The long range forecast shows it being in the upper 50’s in a few days. I predict serious mud.

Thanks for looking.


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3 responses to “It Ain’t Over Yet.”

  1. parris says:

    Hey Dave that storm you’re getting right now looks to be about the total snow fall we’ve gotten this season. As I drove home from work a little while ago it was 75! It really has been a strange winter.

  2. Cliff Spiegel says:

    Dave, looks like you added on a garage so Karin doesn’t have to clean snow off her car. Don’t let my wife see that or there will be hell to pay! In SW PA it has been about 80 the last few days and the roads are relatively clean, so I took the little 111 out for a spin. It’s nice to be back. Looking at some older posts, you had a snow storm mid April last year. So yes,
    It STILL ain’t over yet! Cliff

  3. kirks says:

    Hey Cliff,

    Yes we have added a garage stall that allows us to have a car inside during the winter – a big deal here. We’ve also done a few mods to the office above the garage that make it much less of a cave and it’s now a pleasant place to spend time.

    You have an Elise? What year? It’s been such a warm and dry winter here that I think I’ve used mine most every week this past winter. Bummer for the skiing but good for the road riding and driving.


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