Welcome to Summer.

It’s said that Memorial day is the official start to summer and all the ads on the TV are for Bar-b-que with kids running through the sprinkler. Not so in Montana. Kids running through the sprinkler could suffer hypothermia or even frostbite here today. There is a winter storm warning for this weekend and it’s been in the low 40’s and blowing 30 mph today – brutal. The mountains are solid white with fresh snow. It seems like it’s always this way on Memorial day here.

Weather aside – I’ve been a bit quiet lately I think as I just keep my nose to the grind stone and get bikes built. I’ve had a very productive spring getting a lot of bikes out to Joe Bell’s. Most of my spare time has been taken up by riding on nice days and prepping for autocross season. We had our first local event in Bozeman two weekends ago and I managed to pull an FTD and the car worked very well. I’m looking forward to getting a few more events under my belt and the car adjusted even better. I think I’ll be able to run a good bit quicker with some small but important tweaks. We had a race on the calendar for this Sunday but we’ve canceled it do the likelihood of snow. Autocross in the snow – not good.

Here’s some photos of a bike I just started for a gentleman in Idaho. I’ll get it wrapped up after the long weekend. Maybe by then we’ll be back to something that more resembles summer.

Have a great weekend and Happy Memorial day. Thanks to all that have served and are currently serving. You all kick ass.


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  1. jim says:

    Keep the bike Pr0n rolling on! I love seeing all the big bikes going out the door.

    Good luck in your autocross season.

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