That’s a Wrap.

Well – the last of the 10th Anniversary bikes went into a box today and off to its new home and I must say that even thought it’s been a shit load of work I will miss them. I just love the color and the look and it won’t be the same around here without some hanging around.

The design and build of these bikes has been going on for many months now and it’s been a real push of work followed by a lot of waiting and then lather, rinse, repeat…….and I got to the point where I wondered if they would ever be done frankly. I’m much more used to a bike taking a week in process at the most and when I’m doing a batch like this that takes months to build and work out all the details on then it seems to take forever.

I’ve got way too many photos to share them all and we will be culling them down to a select group and making a slide show and a video or two in time but for the moment here are a few dozen that I liked while skimming through the pile.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank everyone involved that made this whole thing possible. There is no way the bike would have even been built let alone come out just right without the help of the following –

– Reynolds of England for making me the tubes I need to give the bikes the feeling I really want them to have.
– Dazza of Llewellyn Cycles in Australia for designing the best lugs money can buy.
– Mark Norstad of Paragon Machine for making the special machined parts in the very limited quantities needed for these bikes. Most shops won’t answer the phone for an order of 1000 parts let alone 10 but they stepped up and made it happen.
– Gary Prange of SSSink who took my sketches and photos of mockups and turned them into the artwork that perfectly matched the image in my mind’s eye.
– Jenn Green who took my idea of a thin and simple headbadge and made it come to life in stainless steel.
– Joe Bell, the best painter on the planet. Joe worked with my ideas and added his own until we had a real collaboration. Words can’t express how much I like working with this man. He truly defines the words partner and gentleman.
– My wife Karin for supporting the idea of the business from its inception in 2003 to these very bikes in 2013. She has been there every step of the way and without her I’d not be able to do what I love to do for a living.
– Lastly a huge thanks to all those that signed up for one of these bikes to help celebrate the decade. Without you I’d just be standing at my bench with nothing to do and that would feel pretty silly. And a hearty thank you to everyone that has supported me and this business for all these years. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself everyday without your help. Thank you very much.

That should do it for now……….the last one is out the door and I’m going for a ride now.

Thanks as always for looking and stay tuned for a bunch more photos in the coming weeks.


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