I was the kid who constantly rode around the neighborhood for no good reason other than to ride – you know the type. At the ripe old age of 17 I got my first job in the bike business when I worked the night shift doing repairs at a local bike shop. I then discovered racing and my life completely changed. I raced BMX, mountain and road bikes at a local and national level and came to understand that these wonderful machines I raced and trained on where made by people. Not nameless and faceless machines but people just like me and the idea of my becoming a framebuilder was drilled into my head and I couldn’t shake it.

In time, through a combination of hard work and good luck, I was offered a position at Serotta and I jumped at the chance of working there. This was my introduction to professional framebuilding and I knew then that it would be a major part of my life from then on.

In 1999 I left New York State and moved to Bozeman, Montana to live near the high mountains that I loved. In 2003 I started my own business, Kirk Frameworks, and have been building bikes under my own name ever since.

The above is a very slim outline of my history as a cyclist, racer, and framebuilder. If you’d like to fill in the many blanks, open a good beer, put your feet up, and click on the link below.

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