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Dirty Kanza 200.

Just the other day friend of the business and customer Steve sent me a photo of him competing in this years Dirty Kanza 200 and I like it so much I asked if I could use the photo. Steve said it was cool to post it and then gave me some of the results and …

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Steve’s cross bike.

I recently got these photos from customer and friend of the Frameworks Steve and they show some cross racing from last season. Steve’s bike has disc brakes and is fillet brazed and painted a deep, wet and inky black. Thanks for the photos Steve. Dave

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2014 – Looking Ahead.

The year 2013 was more a year of looking back at the previous ten years than it was looking forward to the next ten – while 2014 promises to be much different being solely focused on the future both near and far. There are a number of things in the works that will be phased …

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Exotic Places.

I’ve been told a few times that it must be great to ride in Montana and that it’s ‘exotic’. I suppose to some it is and I really do like it. But when I got some photos from my customer Gary riding in Israel and the Sinai Desert I started thinking that where I live …

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Start your Seven – Take II.

In looking through some of the older blog posts i find that some of my favorites have little or even nothing to do with cycling and this post from May of 2010 is certainly that way. When I first wrote this piece I owned a 1999 Birkin S3 which is a very faithful modern interpretation …

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