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Kirk Fat.

Winter in Montana is long……..very long…….and one needs to have stuff they enjoy doing outside during all those cold and snowy months. As the old timers say “winter is 9 months long and then there’s 3 months of really tough sledding.” For a few decades I did a lot of XC skate skiing and enjoyed …

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S & S Coupler Retrofit.

Many of you might know I happily offer S&S stainless steel couplers as an option built into frames from new but I’m guess most didn’t know that I can also retrofit the couplers into an older Kirk to give the owner the option of using the frame as a travel bike. The S&S system is …

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MRB – Montana Road Bike.

About 10 years ago I started making bikes for riders that I called MRB’s……….Montana Road Bikes. Here in Montana when the roads leave town many of them turn to dirt yet that is where some of the best riding is. So bikes were built to deal with dirt roads and wider tires and the geometry …

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That’s a Wrap.

Well – the last of the 10th Anniversary bikes went into a box today and off to its new home and I must say that even thought it’s been a shit load of work I will miss them. I just love the color and the look and it won’t be the same around here without …

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10th Anniversary Bikes Shipped.

As of today all but one of the 10th bikes have shipped with the exception of one still waiting on its kit. Here’s a collection of signatures. Once i’m sure the bikes are in the owners hands and that I won’t be spoiling any surprises I’ll post of bunch of photos of them. Thanks for …

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