Bike Measurements

Measuring your Existing Frame

The dimensions of your current bike are important for a few reasons. The first is as a double check on your body dimensions. Most people have bikes that don’t fit perfectly but that are at least in the ballpark and if the body measurements I have on record don’t jive with your bike numbers this signals me to double check all your numbers.

The second reason is that I want to see how you are used to sitting on the bike. The information it gives me, combined with your thoughts about the bike’s fit and handling give me a full picture of what works about your current fit and what could be improved.

  • Download the bike measurement worksheet (Excel file, 297 KB)
  • Set aside 20 minutes to do the measurements.
  • It may be helpful to work with a helper so you can locate two precise points at once.
  • Make measurements in either inches or centimeters.
  • Print the worksheet and fill in the yellow boxes. Then type your measurements into the file.
  • Save the file with your last name in the file name and return it to

The descriptions below illustrate how to take the measurements. Be sure to use the bike measurement worksheet when taking your measurements, which contains all of the same information plus handy spaces to record each measurement.

 saddle-handlebarsCenter of Saddle to Handlebars

Locate the point at which the seat tube/seat post centerline bisects the top surface of the saddle. It helps to put a piece of masking tape on the top of the saddle so you can make a mark in the proper spot with a pen. Measure from this point directly to the center of the handlebar where it enters the stem. Leave the tape in place as it will be used again later.

Stem Length

Measure the stem center to center, meaning from the center of the stem bolt to the center of where the stem clamps the handlebars.

Saddle Height

Measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the point where the seat tube/seat post centerline bisects the top surface of the saddle. If you used the tape trick in part A you will be measuring to the same spot.

saddleheightSaddle to Floor

Measure from the lowest point of the top surface of the saddle straight down to the floor.

handlebarstofloorHandlebars to Floor

Measure from the centerline of the handlebar straight down to the floor.

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