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JK Special / $4600 Base

The original JK Special is the bike that started the progression and evolution of the JKS family.
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Onesto / $4750

The 100% stainless steel member of the JKS family.
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JKS Classic / $4600 Base

The JKS Classic follows in the footsteps of the original JKS but takes on a more traditional look with its level top tube.
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JKS X-Oversize / $4750 Base

The JKS X is the version of the JKS road bike that is built for a larger and/or more powerful rider who wants the ultimate in a performance steel race bike.
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JK Cross / $4600 Base

The JK Cross is built with the same mix of tubes used in the other JKS versions, but this bike is designed to be used primarily on dirt.
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Full Custom / $4000 Base

Full Custom bikes can be either lugged or fillet brazed and can be built to do most anything.
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Brass Derailleur Cable Adjusters / $15

Add a touch of class to your bike by replacing your stock aluminum adjusters with these non-corrosive brass derailleur adjusters.
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Triple F Rear Dropouts

Triple F is short for “Form Follows Function” and that is the philosophy behind the design of the Triple F’s.
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Which David Kirk frame is right for me?

There are two possible directions to take when having a Kirk frame built. The first is full custom which includes tubing selected specifically for you, paired with lugs or fillet brazed joints. This approach allows for a high level of customization. If you are interested in a road fixed gear or a sport bike set up for wide tires, rack or fenders then this is the way to go.

The other direction is the JK Series which consists of four models. The JK Series bikes are my highest performance offerings. These race bikes are constructed with a cost-is-no-object selection of the lightest and strongest main tubes on the market as well as chain stays and seat stays made exclusively for Kirk and the JK Series. This proprietary blend of tubes is silver brazed into lugs chosen specifically for the JK Series. These are made-to-measure race bikes, and are not available with fender or rack mounts.

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