Kirk – Pegoretti.

Kirk – Pegoretti and feeling honored.

Last fall I had a customer come to me for a fillet brazed road frame, which is not unusual normally, but in this case the path to get to me was a bit different. It seems that he had approached my friend and fellow framebuilder Dario Pegoretti first and asked Dario to build him a fillet frame. Dario told the gentleman that when it came to fillets Kirk was the best so he sent him to me. To say I was honored would be a dramatic understatement.

When it came time to paint the bike the client wanted something special to pay homage to the Golden Gate Bridge and he asked Dario if he would consider painting the bike I was building for him – I was so pleased to hear that Dario was now the one who felt honored and happy to put his artwork on the canvas that I built.

Yesterday the final results arrived from Italy and it is stunning. The red suspension bridge and feeling of strength and permanence while at the same time giving a feeling a movement is hard to capture with my average photographic skills. Now it is my turn to feel honored yet once again.

I can’t thank Dario enough and of course a huge thanks to my client who had a vision and worked hard to see it through.

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