Featured Bike / Roma

The Roma is a classically-styled road bike built with modern materials, and to modern quality standards. This bike is an homage to the race bikes I grew up admiring, and hoped to one day own. The Roma is built with a mix of Reynolds 853 Pro main tubes and my own special chain stays and seat stays. The lugs and crown are by Henry James USA. It features downtube cable routing, internal rear brake cable routing, a dead level top tube, and a head badge handmade by Jen Green of Philadelphia. The buyer has their choice of an old school threaded fork and quill stem or a threadless set up, as well as the choice of traditional shifter bosses or downtube cable routing and adjusters. Joe Bell will paint it in your choice of Gios blue and white or Italian red and white. Like every bike I build it will be made-to-measure to fit the rider.

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Kirk Frameworks / Custom Bicycles

When you deal with Kirk Frameworks you are really dealing with one person – me – Dave Kirk. I’ve worked for companies both big and small over the years and these experiences have shown me that what I enjoy the most is working one on one with each customer. This person-to-person relationship allows me to devote my time and energy to building the best bikes I can make given my decades of designing and building experience. I follow the ‘Golden Rule’ and I treat my customers the way I would want to be treated.

David Kirk / Made by Hand
At my core I am a racer who, whenever possible, builds the gear I race on. I’ve built and raced everything from skateboards to snowboards to automobiles and, of course, all types of bicycles. I feel that racing is the ultimate test and the things I have learned through racing benefit every bike I build.

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DK / Bike Galleries
The photo galleries are a great place to see a wide variety of bikes and finishes. It's also a great place to get ideas of how you’d like your Kirk bike to be built and painted.

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For the past few years I’ve found myself feeling nostalgic about cycling and it makes me think back to what the sport, and the machines, were like when I started racing as a young man. There was a certain simplicity to both back then that has been lost over time. I feel there was a …