One of the things that continues to make this business fun and rewarding for me is that I have chosen a path of continuous innovation and improvement. This started for me during my days at Serotta when I developed one of the first high performance suspension road race bicycles – the Serotta Hors Categorie – for which I was awarded US patent number 6,109,637. With Kirk Frameworks I’ve created a number of innovations:


Kirk Frameworks Form Follows Function Rear Dropouts

dropoutsNearly all Kirk frames are constructed with the new Triple F dropout, which was phased into production in mid-2010. I’m extremely proud of the design and feel it’s the best available at any cost – bar none. I’ve been thinking about this dropout for 20 years and finally have had the time to make it happen. I’m not normally one to use the word ‘best’ as I know that there are lots of good products on the market and saying one is best in most cases makes one look foolish – but I really do think there are no better dropouts available and that the design is second to none. The Triple F is now being used on every Kirk with the exception of a few fixed gear bikes and loaded touring bikes.

Terraplane Seat Stays

bikeextra3One of the hallmarks of Kirk frames are the curved Terraplane seat stays. These are available as an option on most frames.

The curved seatstays of the Terraplane allow a small amount of vertical movement and are designed to keep the rear tire in firm and constant contact with the surface. Each set of stays is bent by hand to a given radius determined by the size and weight of the rider and the intended use of the bike. The feel and stiffness of the frame is regulated by the amount of bend in the stays. Heavy riders generally would have less bend to allow less movement. Lighter riders would have more bend and more travel.

With the Terraplane option you’ll feel more confident cornering and descending, and you’ll enjoy true all day comfort. Terraplane stays work with most any type of brake system; they are available with all Kirk frames with the exception of cyclocross frames.

Traditional straight stays are available on every Kirk frame.

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Proprietary Tubes

DSC_9560Made to my specifications by Reynolds of England to give the bike the responsiveness and ‘jump’ that a race bike needs. Having worked with nearly every type of steel bicycle tubing available, I have learned that several brands of tubing have specific benefits and applications. The selection of tubing for each frame is based on you and your needs.

Disc Brakes

DSC_6687-480x480I have pioneered the integration of disc brakes into steel
road and cyclocross frames and forks.


Brass Derailleur Cable Adjusters

The Kirk Brass Detailleur Adjusters are non-corrosive and can sit in the same position for years and then turn as easily as they did on day one.

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