By far the most important thing in making a bike comfortable and quick is a proper fit. If the fit is poor then it will matter little how light or stiff or shiny the bike is. Fit is everything. Getting a good fit isn’t complicated but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It requires a firm understanding of the rider’s build and proportions and ride history, how and where the bike will be used, and what your goals as a rider are. To this end I will have you fill out a questionnaire that gives me a very good idea of the type of riding you do and your likes and dislikes of the bikes you currently own. I will also request that you fill out two spreadsheets –

Body Measurements

This is a straightforward way for me to understand how you are built. It is nearly impossible to get good solid numbers trying to measure yourself so the instructions will guide your helper through the measuring process to be sure we get good information. When I get the numbers I will review them to be sure there is nothing out of the ordinary and if there is any uncertainty I may have you revisit one or two measurements just so we are 100% sure we have it right.

Body Measurements Worksheet

Bike Measurements

It is important to me to see how you currently sit on your bike and these measurements will allow me to see how your three contact points (hands, feet and butt) all relate to each other. I use these measurements, along with the body numbers and feedback you’ve given me about your current bike in the questionnaire, to form a very good understanding of why you might discomfort during long rides or have trouble making power while in the saddle for example … and this will in turn allow me to design your new bike to address those issues.

Bike Measurements Worksheet

The fit of your Kirk is extremely important, so I take my time and go through all the steps needed to get it just right. In fact, I guarantee your new bike will fit just as it should.

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