1Bike Rumor Interview
This is by far the most comprehensive interview in our Race To NAHBS! series. Dave Kirk of Bozeman, Montana’s Kirk Frameworks took more than a couple minutes out of his schedule to compose these thoroughly thought out answers. Like many of the other builders we’ve heard from already, Dave would prefer not to fight Don Walker, a man he describes as “a cleaned up Chewbacca in a skirt.”… Read On

3Red Kite Prayer interview, Part I
I grew up in a wonderful small town in central New York State – Rome NY. The riding in the area is world class and for the most part no one knows about it. Every other road is called “farm to market’ road and they are all 1½ lanes wide and just meander through the countryside and farmland up and over 20% super steep climbs… Read On

3Red Kite Prayer Interview, Part II
I may be one of the only people on the planet that feels this way but I think road bike suspension is the Holy Grail of road bike design. I’ve done years of work on this and was awarded a patent for the Serotta DKS design. It’s patent number 6,109,637 and was awarded on August 29, 2000. It’s fun to look up and you can easily Google it… Read On

4Smoked Out
As we go through life we have experiences that shape and guide us in both our personal and professional lives. Some of these experiences fade from memory over time and some never do. Below are a few anecdotes that have stuck with me and played a role in shaping me as a person, my choice of career, and the essence of Kirk Frameworks… Read On

2Kirk Frameworks profile
from 2010 NAHBS… Read On

5The Out Spoken Cyclist
Snow is falling (and sticking) in northeast Ohio at this writing. That’s nature’s way of telling you to stay indoors, curl up with your favorite audio player and prepare to be entertained, informed, and perhaps even inspired by a fresh episode of The Outspoken Cyclist… Read On

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