MRB – Montana Road Bike.

About 10 years ago I started making bikes for riders that I called MRB’s……….Montana Road Bikes. Here in Montana when the roads leave town many of them turn to dirt yet that is where some of the best riding is. So bikes were built to deal with dirt roads and wider tires and the geometry and handling were optimized toward riding on mixed surfaces. Over the years I’ve built a lot of this style of bike. It’s interesting to see that the rest of the country has embraced this time of riding and that it’s been given the name ‘gravel grinder’. I suppose everything needs a name or it doesn’t actually exist and that’s fine……I’m just glad that so many are discovering the joy of riding on real backroads and not turning around when the pavement ends.

This frame has been this week’s work………it’s an MRB version of the JK Special with Terraplane seat stays, hydro disc brakes and Di2. I look forward to getting the fork for this one wrapped up and off to paint so that I can get it back and build it up. Should be cool.

Have a great weekend.


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