This just in………

A bit self serving but what the hell. I got a note from NAHBS saying this was up and wanted to show it off.

Thanks again for reading.


The Naked Truth

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4 responses to “This just in………”

  1. Wil says:

    Kirk, Good job on the display for NAHBS. I really like it. I have a question for you on components. I assume that your lugged frames are built for 1″ steerer. With that said and if they are, how are you finding stems for your build kits. I have been looking around and everything seems to be 1.125″ Help me if you can.

    Thanks, Wil

  2. kirks says:

    Hey Wil,

    Yes most of my framesets use a 1″ steerer (the JKS X uses an 1 1/8″). 1″ stems are not all that common now days but there are these handy little sleeves that fit under a 1 1/8″ stem to size it down to 1″. This is what most of the lugged/handmade guys use and it works perfectly. They weigh just a few grams and cost about $5 and everyone is happy.

    I hope that helps.


  3. Wil Blanchard says:


    Found them. Thank you for nudging me.

    Thanks, Wil

  4. steve garro says:

    now that review is a refreshing nugget of reality!

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