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Coors Light Serotta Pro Bike – 1991.

I was excited to see this linked on the Velo News site today. I’m proud to say that I was the lucky guy chosen to build these bikes while I was at Serotta in the early 1990’s. It’s hard to explain how exciting it was to build bikes that I knew were going to be …

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A New Year & New Site

Welcome. I’m guessing that by now you’ve noticed that things around here look a bit different than they used to. If you take some time to leaf through my new website you’ll see new photo galleries, a new model (Outlier) and of course fresh new artwork for the bikes. I’ve teamed up with the smart …

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We’re not in Kansas anymore – guest blog.

I consider myself very fortunate to have customers spread out all over the world and that they often share photos with me of what the riding in their area looks like. I always enjoy seeing where others ride the bikes I made for them and get some pretty cool photos………..and sometimes the landscapes are so …

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A New Backdrop.

As many of you might know I work from home using 1/2 of my garage for bike work while the other 1/2 gets used to store the sports car I use for SCCA Solo events. Since I share a good number of photos of bikes in process the car tends to act as a backdrop …

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Dirty Kanza 200.

Just the other day friend of the business and customer Steve sent me a photo of him competing in this years Dirty Kanza 200 and I like it so much I asked if I could use the photo. Steve said it was cool to post it and then gave me some of the results and …

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